Compilation of Recent Russian Crimes Against Humanity in Syria

by Michael Karadjis

Below is a compilation of Russian crimes against humanity in Syria, in early 2016 alone. The last few months of 2015 would show an equally horrific, and longer, toll. As I write, the United Nations has finally postponed its bogus Syria “peace” talks, even they finally recognising that holding a talk fest, while the state-terrorist group currently occupying Damascus, and its invading Russian backer, dramatically step up their already prolific level of mass murder, is not going to achieve anything.

In response to Russia bombing the last hospital in Free Aleppo, my friend and fellow supporter of the Syrian people, Sam Charles Hamad, wrote on his Facebook page

“They are quite concretely attempting to destroy the nascent inner workings of Free Syria. Destroying the very functionality of liberty. Russia has been able to do it with brutal precision. The last major hospital in North Aleppo has been destroyed by the Russian air force. Filthy cowards. May they all die horribly.”

Very appropriate words. But of course, despite our justified anger, the cowards won’t all die horribly, just yet, not with the advantage of all that advanced mass-murder equipment they employ safely from the skies. Some will, of course: the ground troops, the cannon fodder. That is, what is today still called, farcically, the Syrian “Arab” Army: the army of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah traitors, Iraqi Shiite death squads, and countless dirt-poor Afghan Hazara and even Pakistani Shia, sent to Syria by the Iranian hang-man regime either by force, manipulation or lies.

Perhaps one reason why Israel has continually declared itself so happy about its alliance with Russia since Russia took the lead role in defending the Assad family’s power away from Iran, is that it kills two birds with the one stone: on the one hand, Israel’s asset in Damascus is defended just as well if not better, by a pro-Israeli ruler like Putin rather than someone who feels compelled to issue a lot of anti-Israel noise like Khameini; on the other, just in case some of these Khameini rabble, particularly a few Hezbollahis, were ever inclined to take the anti-Zionist rhetoric seriously, then using them as cannon-fodder keeps them busy, and buries plenty of them at the same time as they bury Syrian rebels and civilians. As they choose to be cannon-fodder for a gigantic Zionist-style Nakbah in Syria, they won’t be mourned.

But the Assadist and Russian cowards in the skies remain untouched. For now. But the struggle continues. For months and months of Russian carpet bombing, very little was achieved militarily, even as thousands of civilians were slaughtered. But ultimately, the superiority of Russian warplanes will wear down the resistance; and possibly now we may see a victory of Assadist/Russian air power over the people of northern Aleppo. We’ll see.

But even if so, this blood-drenched occupation will confront perhaps years of ongoing guerrilla struggle, during which many of these cowards will be picked off one by one, or blown to bits. The Assad family dynasty may think they can finish this via employing an invasion by the Russian superpower (I don’t really care whether one calls Russia “imperialist” or not in the circumstances; theoreticians may discuss that, but for now, the second major military power on Earth has been savaging a small country for months and months without a peep from those opposed to … “foreign intervention”). But if they think that, they will be entertaining the same illusions that the new Zionist state had in 1948; that it’s all over. Still isn’t.

Meanwhile, anyone on the left still putting up squeamish liberal arguments against the right of the Syrian rebels to receive *massive* quantities of *the best* anti-aircraft weapons (because manpads, which the US has meticulously blocked for years, would only be useful against the lower and slower flying Syrian helicopters barrel bombing the country to pieces for years, but not against this highly advanced Russian mass-murder equipment), from *anywhere* they can get them, *right now*, is a direct participant in this massive new Nakbah.

With no means of defending themselves and their communities against this gigantic aerial massacre, the one and only Russian killer-plane shot down was hit by Turkey a couple of months ago; regardless of Erdogan’s own crimes inside Turkey, I was amazed that when I wrote that the downing of this Russian plane was “one small victory for humanity” (, some leftists actually had the gall to condemn this stand. On the other hand, I was most pleased to see ‘Red Flag’, the newspaper of Australia’s Socialist Alternative, take a stand worthy of the left by publishing my article under the heading ‘One Small Victory for Humanity’ ( Let there be many more.

Below I have put together a compilation of Russian war crimes from early 2016 alone as a ready reference for anyone remaining confused on this issue (the article on the downing of the Russian plan, just linked to above, begins with a summary of Russian war crimes in 2015, to add to this list).


Summaries of Russian war crimes

The Killing of 1382 Civilians in January 2016, of whom 679 were killed by Russian Forces:

Russian airstrikes have claimed the lives of 1,815 civilians in Syria’s opposition-held areas since September, according to new Syrian Civil Defense Authority statistics:


Russian Drone Footage of their own bombing among the Apocalypse: Just look at this!

Drone view on battle in dead city Daraya, near Damascus:


Syrian Children’s Stories

Russia Is Bombing Syria’s Children: These Are Their Stories

Moscow claims its airstrikes target ISIS in Syria, but the reality on the ground is that hundreds of children, rebels, aid workers, and civilians have been killed. BuzzFeed News’ Borzou Daragahi talks to victims of Russia’s campaign.


Where Russia is Bombing: Look at the two maps if you think Russia is “bombing ISIS”

It can be so difficult for those Russian bombers to remember where ISIS is


Large-scale crimes

 Russia Bombed 25 Schools since Start of Its Aggression Last September:

War surgeon reveals how healthcare workers are being systematically targeted in Syria: “Nearly nobody is reporting this, the direct attacks on healthcare and healthcare workers,” he told The Independent last month, citing figures from the NGO Physicians for Human Rights, which recorded 23 attacks on medical facilities in Syria in October and November last year – all but one by Syrian government or Russian forces:

Last major north Aleppo hospital destroyed by Russian airstrike:

Russia strikes displace over150 000 in Daraa: rebel media:

118 Victims death toll of massacres by Russia and the Assad regime on Wednesday:

Russian Forces killed 99 civilians in 72 hours in Ma’art Al No’man City in Idlib:

142 Killed on Friday Amid Russian and US Airstrikes:

Russian warplanes conducted several air raids on the town of Al-Bulayl in rural DeirEzzor today, killing at least 12 innocent civilians, including children, and wounding a number of others. Moreover, a number of civilian homes were completely destroyed in the deadly air raids during which cluster bombs were used:

Russian warplanes carry out two massacres within 24 hours in rural Deir Ezzor claiming the lives of more than 35 civilians:

Massacre in Raqqa Russian airstrikes slaughtered 42 civilians (from Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently):

More from Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently: Russian warplanes kill more than 100 civilians in 3 days in Raqqa, with hundreds injured, “their names are documented”:

The outcome of the martyrs of Raqqa yesterday, 46 martyrs all of them civilians. And air strikes from coalition and Russia:

The Toll of Russian Air Strikes on Kafr Nboudha:

Russia Damages Mosque Kills 10 Worshipers:

Eight children dead after Russia strike hits Syrian school: monitor:

There has been another mass killing by Russian airstrikes in northwest Syria, with more than 40 people dead and 170 wounded after an attack on the town of Maarat al-Num’an in Idlib Province on Saturday:

Russian Bombing Closes Schools for 1000s in Homs and Latakia Provinces:

Russian bombs damage British funded bakery designed to help 18000 Syrians:

Deir Ezzor province is bleeding from Russian airstrikes while the international community keeps watching:

Russian planes continue to kill civilians in DeirEzzor province:…/ …

In Homs Russian Strikes on Turkmen Village Kill Seven Women and Children:


Tweets and videos of grisly slaughter over last couple of days

More than 70 Russian air strikes launched on villages in northern Aleppo this morning.

5 Russian air raids kill 7 including 2 children in Burj Qai: …

“I hope you die Bashar” cries this girl after been hit with Russian airstrikes-Kafr Hamra, Aleppo:

The public information office of the city Haritan || Witness during the work of the civil defence team out of the martyrs from under the rubble:

More than 50 people were killed by Russian air strikes across rebel held northern Aleppo today:

6 martyrs, 30+ wounded victims of ‪#‎Russia airstrikes on Anadan:

Child victim of Russian airstrikes on Haryatan:

Little girl trying to survive under rubble, victim of Russia on Haryatan:

Aleppo : victims of #Russia airstrikes targeting their homes in #Qabr_alEnglizi area:

Russia warplanes carried out airstrikes w/Clusters Bombs targeting a popular market of Anadan:

Thousands of residents flee northern #Aleppo towards #Turkey border under nonstop #Russia’n airstrikes:

The Russian airforce dropped cluster bombs on Palmyra, killing 10 civilians, including 4 women:

Latakia: SAA/ RUSSIA bombed #Aubin IDP Camp again earlier this afternoon:


And who Russia wanted to invite to Geneva as the Syrian “opposition”

One version of Russia’s 15-member “opposition” list. Includes people who assembled in Cairo late last year under auspices of Assad’s ally and fellow blood-thirsty tyrant al-Sisi.

  • 4 members of the Kurdish PYD (OK, regardless of what one may think of the PYD, especially now as it praises the genocidal Russian bombing of Syria, the YPG obviously does represent a force that needs to be represented in any talks, though whether it can be defined as “opposition” is another question; the rest below, however, would appear to represent exactly nobody but themselves)
  • 2 members of the Qamh movement (pro-Assad “authorized opposition,” including the Haytham Manna, who recently praised Assadist death-squad Hezbollah and told them that the Syrian rebels were “terrorists”)
  • 2 members of the “loyal opposition” PCLF (the Moscow-based former Assad regime deputy PM Qadri Jamil and Mazeb Maghribiya )
  • 1 member of the Peaceful Change Path Movement (pro-Russia “authorized opposition”
  • Randa Kassis, Paris-based Pro-Russia leader and probably only member of the Movement for a Pluralistic Society
  • Abbas Habib, general coordinator of the pro-Assad Council of Syrian Tribes’ leadership
  • Samir Aita, the Arabic editor of Le Monde Diplomatique
  • Rim Turkmani, a Syrian-born astrophysicist at Imperial College London
  • 2 unknown guys

From Arun Lund,, descriptions courtesy of Paola Pisi from Revolutionary Syria FB site.

3 thoughts on “Compilation of Recent Russian Crimes Against Humanity in Syria

  1. If you are the least bit religious please join me to pray black death and plague for these pilots. Every time you hear these news. I will buy the most beautiful flowers in the world if there is some power that can send them to their eternity in Hell. Dump the remains in the deep pit along with nuclear waste.

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